khoisan tea
One of South Africa's leading tea producers

While producing conventional and 100% organic Rooibos Tea and wild harvested Honeybush Tea  is Khoisan’s focus and joy, they also produce some wonderful different flavoured teas and other product ranges – see more below!

For nearly 20 years, Khoisan Tea have grown their indigenous herbal tea exports, and today, they are one of the leading suppliers in South Africa.

Their Rooibos Natural range of flavoured blends include:

  • Rooibos Natural
  • Rooibos Lemon Mint
  • Rooibos Multi-Fruit
  • Rooibos Vanilla

Organic Capsule Range

Enjoy as espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. Khoisan’s capsule ranges are easy to use in most Nespresso® compatible machines. Each capsule contains the precise amount needed to make one standard cup of Rooibos espresso or one standard cup of Coffee espresso. All of their capsules are BPA-free and fully recyclable.

Distinctly sweet and earthy in taste, ruby-red in colour and with a delicious créma topping (foam created through pressurised brewing), Rooibos capsules differ from traditional Rooibos Tea in that they offer a more intensely concentrated Rooibos taste. It’s a chic way to drink Rooibos any time of the day or night. It packs a punch in taste and is an ultra-mod way to enjoy a quick cuppa.

  • Rooibos
  • Rooibos Vanilla
  • Rooibos Caramel
  • Ugandan Coffee
  • Ethiopian Coffee
  • African Blend Coffee

Speciality Range – beyond Rooibos teas

Khoisan have expanded their specialty range to include  Camelia sinensis (black tea) and other international herbal teas. (20 x 2g) string & tag double-chamber teabags, individually enveloped for great-tasting teas, cup after cup. In this range:

  • Strawberry Cream Tea
  • Peppermint Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea

Matcha Teas

Khoisan’s unique Organic Rooibos Matcha originates from the beautiful Cedarberg area in the Western Cape of South Africa. Very exclusive, stone ground on specifically designed Japanese granite stone mills into the finest powder, using the whole leaves. Caffeine-free and naturally contains antioxidants! Enjoy  Organic Rooibos Matcha in health shakes, cakes, ice cream, chocolates and other confectionery. Drink it hot or cold, straight as well as latte.

The exclusive Organic Green Matcha leaves originate from Shizuoka, Aichi, Kyoto Prefectures and Kyushu Island in Japan.  the Organic Green Matcha is also stone ground on Japanese granite stone mills.

Organic Rooibos & Honeybush in African Animal Tins

Khoisan’s  popular medium-sized, refillable tins with re-sealable lids come in five attractive colours which offset the tea inside.  The range comprises:

  • Organic Chai Rooibos (blue tins)
  • straight Rooibos (brown tins)
  • Bourbon Vanilla Rooibos (red tins)
  • Green Rooibos (green tins),
  • Honeybush (yellow tins).

Khoisan Rooibos Soap

In this range:
Boxed Rooibos & Glycerine Soap
Rooibos Liquid Moisturising Soap

Khoisan Organic Baking Range

Khoisan now also offers organic-certified spices and select bakery ingredients which includes finely-ground powders and delicious, ready-to-use extracts.

From raw materials sourced globally, they produce their own finely-ground powders and extracts in-house at their factory in Cape Town. The extracts are made via cold extraction to ensure the best flavour profiles from raw ingredients. Cold extraction is a gentle but time-intensive method which ensures that none of the good qualities/flavours of the spices is destroyed by heat.

In this organic range:

  • Liquorice Extract
  • Cinnamon Extract
  • Ginger Extract
  • Liquorice Powder
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Ginger Powder
  • Cardamom Powder
  • Cardomom Seeds
  • Whole Star Anise
  • Blueberry Powder
  • Red Current Powder
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