Nature’s Nutrition Superfoods Drink Mixes

We’ve gathered the highest quality ingredients worldwide – so you don’t have to. Our superfood blends are a concentration of phytonutrients in convenient powder form, specially designed to help you follow a more plant-based diet.

At Nature’s Nutrition, we are passionate about improving your health. We decided that individuals needed one versatile solution to overcome hurdles in the way of their wellness, and Nature’s Nutrition Superfoods Drink Mixes were born.

You need our product if:

  • You want to be healthier but don’t know where to start
  • You battle to reach your daily quota of whole fruit and veggies
  • You just don’t have time (moms, we’re looking at you)
  • You’re on a budget and in need of affordable health options
  • You understand how incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet is better for both the environment and your longevity

We are big believers in balance, and advocate a moderate diet inclusive of all food groups – with a special focus on plant-based foods. With processed foods, synthetic ingredients and factory-farmed meat taking prevalence in South African diets, it’s never been more important to get back to our roots. Our all-in-one Superfoods Drink Mix is a perfect way to include more plant-based foods into your diet without any dramatic diet overhauls. Opting for more plant-based meals is lighter on the pocket (and the midsection), it lowers your risk of obesity and chronic illness and it’s better for the planet. We’d call that a pretty solid win-win.

How it works
Simply mix 2 heaped scoops of your favourite Superfoods Drinks Mix to: 180-200 ml of cold water; your favourite smoothie (that’s how we like it); or another drink of your choice. Stir until smooth. Enjoy first thing in the morning for energy and nutrients to start your day, or between lunch and dinner as a high quality, low calorie drink mix. It just doesn’t get easier.

What’s special about us?
A lot of research, love and ethics have been poured into our Nature’s Nutrition Superfoods Drink Mixes. We’ve come up with a convenient, affordable and effective way you to take in more plant nutrients – oh, and it’s tasty too. Our superfood blends are packed with a broad-scale variety of greens and reds, with different healthy options depending on your needs.

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