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With yummy ingredients such as baobab powder, almonds, organic raw cacao, goji berries, pecans, vanilla, cinnamon, sprouted buckwheat and more it can only be raw foodie O’heaven!

O’Natural have been producing raw tasty treats since 2007  and they’re committed to making a range of premium quality, delicious and nutritious snack foods which are easy, convenient and accessible.  All O’Natural’s bars and snacks are raw meaning that during production ingredients are never exposed to temperatures greater than 45°C. That makes for maximum energy and nutritional benefit, which helps to keep you satisfied for longer.

And to give O’Natural’s raw snacks an extra boost of vitality, they add in superfoods such as maca, hemp powder and goji berries. Ingredients are selected not only for their nutritional offering but also their flavour, and there are absolutely no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives.

Apart from bars and raw muesli and granola snacks, O’Natural has also launched two unique and scrumptious savoury snacks. One with a mix of nuts, seeds and veggies with a dairy free cashew nut cheese and selection of herbs and the other with nuts, seeds, spinach and a delicious Tamari sauce coating. The savoury snack can be used to sprinkle over salads or soups and also makes a great mini meal for people on the go.  These snacks are raw vegan, wheat free, dairy free and sugar free.

The focus of O’Natural Superfood Smoothie Mixes is on being delicious and nutritious, convenient, superfood rich, nutritiously dense, and suitable for anyone, anytime!  Each smoothie mix offers a healthy and perfectly balanced dose of superfoods, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. There are 3 awesome blends to choose from!

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