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Handmade organic maize corn chips.

Santa Anna’s only contains organically grown 100% tested GMO free maize, Oryx desert salt (naturally sun-dried from the Kalahari desert), lime and the Organic Corn Chips are fried in coconut oil.

Santa Anna’s was started out of necessity by a couple of environmentally, health conscious chefs who wanted to produce authentic Latin American food and could not find a supplier that matched their ethos – so they ended up becoming that supplier! They wanted to produce a product that is handmade, fried in ethically produced and healthy oil with as little additives as possible.

They began experimenting by hand with organic maize from James Moffett of Kirklington Farm  and grew from a few hundred tortillas a day to 10 000 a day currently.

Organic Corn Chips

Their fresh masa (traditional corn dough) is ground on a volcanic stone grinder and all the chips are hand-cut and kettle fried.

Santa Anna’s maize is grown on the farm Lowerland in partnership with Bertie Coetzee and is in its second year of organic conversion for certification being monitored by EcoCert.

Santa Anna’s Product Range

Santa Anna’s is committed to providing you with Latin American products that not only taste great but have a low impact on the environment and work in partnership with like-minded farmers to promote the natural and organic community in South Africa.

Listed Products are:

Corn Chips – 80g
Corn Chips – 250g

Ingredients: Organically Grown Corn, Oryx Desert Salt, Coconut Oil, Water, Lime

Taste Profile: Full roasted corn flavour, lightly seasoned with a rich mouth feel & crispy texture.

Santa Anna's
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