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Be Smitten with your Mitten

Smittens are the new generation, revolutionary face cleaning mitten. Smittens totally remove makeup/waterproof mascara/ oil from skin with only warm water!

NO cleansers needed.  Does your face cleansing routine leave your skin feeling heavy & dull especially after using cleansing milks? Do you like to smooth, “squeaky” clean feeling on your face after washing but find foaming cleansers leave your skin feeling dry? Maintaining the skin’s natural PH levels is vital and this is done by not stripping the natural oils from the surface of our skins.  With just warm water, SMITTENS gives a mild daily skin exfoliation while preserving its natural & delicate PH balance! 

Smittens are made up of super-fine fibres 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a single strand of silk. These tiny fibres are able to penetrate the finest, microscopic particles of oil, dirt and even bacteria on your skin.  Unlike the rounded threads of ordinary cotton cloth, which just push dirt along the surface of the skin, numerous wedge-shaped micro-fibres actually capture and pull particles of oil, dirt, and bacteria into the internal structure of the cloth and away from your skin. The result is superior cleansing that eliminates the oil, dirt, bacteria, and grime which result in poor skin conditions.

Smittens care is also very simple – they wash like a dream. Use any mild soap, hand soap is best. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry naturally. When travelling with your Smitten use the PVC pouch & leave behind the cumbersome, leaking cleansers and eye makeup removers!

Smittens take care of cleansing for your whole family too! Meet Smitt,  the smart mitten for men and Smitty, so soft & fluffy for babies.

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