Turmeric - the superspice queen!

A range of synergistic turmeric blends that are a treasure chest of rich taste sensations, over-flowing with healthy ingredients!

TAKA is range of turmeric-based beverages and capsules.  As Queen of the spice kingdom, this golden coloured root is a natural remedy famed for its culinary and medicinal powers. Turmeric is known to reduce inflammation and pain, fight free radicals, boost the body’s immune system, support heart, liver & digestive health and have natural antibiotic properties. This golden root also inhibits cancer cells, treats depression & improves brain function.

TAKA is a small family business with a big vision. mother and daughter team, Karen and Talia became particularly inspired by turmeric as it’s so relevant to maintaining good health.

Their vision is to educate people on the many amazing health properties of turmeric and to supply delicious, easy to prepare turmeric products to the world.

By combining turmeric with coconut, superfoods and spices to maximize the health boosting properties of this incredible superspice,they have created 4 synergistic blends that are a treasure chest of taste sensations, over-flowing with healthy ingredients.

The Science Behind Turmeric

It is proven that the absorption of turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin is modest, but can be magnified by up to 2000% when taken together with black pepper. By combining turmeric with a natural fat such as coconut, curcumin is protected from harsh stomach acids, which delivers maximum absorption of curcumin to your body. (For this reason all their products contain both coconut & black pepper).

All products are also free from artificial additives, sweeteners, dairy or caffeine. They are made with all natural ingredients, including certified organic Turmeric.

Product Range

Golden Latte
(150g / 20+ servings)/(Mini pack 35g/7 servings)
The Golden Latte, is the TAKA version of what is known in India as ‘Golden Milk’ and is favoured by many. This chai like drink is heart warming and comforting. It is so good for you and so tasty you will want it daily. A nurturing and calming drink which is also ideal for children of all ages, making it a perfect bed time treat.

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric, Coconut cream powder, Cinnamon, Cayenne pepper & Black pepper.

Golden Tea
(125g / 20+ servings)/(Mini pack 35g/7 servings)
TAKA’s loose tea blend is superbly different. You will find it is super tasty, revitalizing and healthy too! This is a refreshing and mildly spicy synergy of health boosting turmeric, spices and coconut. It is described as pure sunshine in a cup, packed with the ‘feel-good factor’.

Ingredients: Organic turmeric, Desiccated coconut, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cardamom, Fenugreek, Cayenne pepper & Black pepper. 

Golden Smoothie
(150g / 20+ servings)/(Mini pack 35g/7 servings)
The TAKA  Superfoods Smoothie mix is a wonder blend of superfoods with turmeric and spices. This power packed smoothie mix gives you the endurance and stamina you need for work, sport or play. This nutritious addition to your smoothies is suitable for the whole family, bringing new levels of health to young and old.

Ingredients: Organic turmeric, Coconut cream powder, Cinnamon, Flaxseed powder, Chia seeds, Maca, Himalayan pink salt & Black pepper

Golden Cacao
(125g / 15+ servings)/(Mini pack 35g/5 servings)
Turmeric, Cacao & Superfoods Golden Cacao is a wholesome and chocolate rich hot chocolate mix. This Hot Chocolate is packed with healthy ingredients for the whole family.

Ingredients: Organic turmeric, Coconut cream powder, Cacao, Cocoa, Cinnamon, Maca, Mesquite powder, Himalayan pink salt, Black pepper, Cayenne Pepper & Clove.

Turmeric & BioPerine Capsules
Each tub contains: 90 capsules
Organic Turmeric & BioPerine® Capsules are created for those who need more turmeric in their diets on a regular basis. These Capsules are ideal for humans and animals alike.

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric – 500mg, Black Pepper Extract – 5mg (as BioPerine®) & Vegetarian Capsule Shell. 100% FREE FROM any fillers, binders and flowing agents.

Taka Turmeric Golden Hibiscus Tea Bags
Don’t miss the specially blended, Taka Turmeric Golden Hibiscus Tea Bags! With a fragrant sprinkle of dried hibiscus flowers, this tangy spiced tea can be served piping hot, or chilled with ice. Along with hibiscus, turmeric and coconut are the star ingredients in this fruity, caffeine-free blend.

Taka Turmeric Golden Vanilla Tea Bags
These luxurious Taka Turmeric Golden Vanilla Tea Bags aren’t just for connoisseurs! Generous measures of golden turmeric and coconut activate the Ayurvedic properties of this organic rooibos tea. The Golden Vanilla recipe also contains an exquisitely crafted cocktail of exotic eastern spices. The warming spice adds layers of complexity to this delicious caffeine-free blend.

Taka turmeric Golden ginger tea bags
For a heart-warming soother that comes with a peppery punch, try our Taka Turmeric Golden Ginger Tea Bags. Don’t be deceived by the delicate golden glow of this Ayurvedic blend – a zing of spicy ginger quickly follows the bittersweet lemon foretaste. Taka’s expert blenders use cooling coconut to balance the complex organic spices in this caffeine-free, Golden Ginger tea recipe.

taka tea - ginger
taka tea hibiscus
taka tea vanilla
Taka Tea Vanilla
Taka Tea Hibiscus
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