Superlatte - differently delicious!

Superlatte fills the space left by coffee, tea and hot chocolate with a range of outrageously healthy hot beverage blends loaded with natural flavour and superfood goodness.

Maybe your customers are on a coffee detox or reducing their refined sugar intake?  Maybe they’re bored with syrupy over-sweet chais and herbal teas?  Maybe it’s too cold for a smoothie or juice?  Whatever the reason or season, Superlatte brings something intriguing and memorable to the menu.

Superlatte have gone to great lengths to source clean ingredients from trusted suppliers. Everything they touch is NON-GMO and non-irradiated. The  key ingredients are certified organic, and they steer clear of preservatives, flavourings, thickeners, and anything artificial. Their range is blended in small batches and is packed in a fully compliant facility which doubles as a social enterprise, benefiting staff with micro-business skills training.

Golden Cup Latte Blend

Turmeric & Spice
An aromatic brew of organic turmeric, warming cinnamon, zesty ginger and a pinch of black pepper

Red Velvet Latte Blend

Beetroot & Cocoa
A bewitching brew of beetroot, organic cocoa, zesty ginger and warming cinnamon.

Green Dream Latte Blend

Matcha & Mint
A full-bodied brew of stoneground Japanese organic matcha green tea with a kiss of peppermint leaf and wheatgrass.

Ruby Chai Latte Blend

Rooibos, Honeybush & Spice
A spellbinding brew of rooibos and honeybush with spicy cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cayenne pepper.

Purple Poet Latte Blend

Purple Sweet Potato, Cardamom & Cinnamon
A beautiful brew of organic purple sweet potato, aromatic cardamom, zesty ginger and warming cinnamon.

Cosmic Choc Latte Blend

Cocoa, Chaga & Maca Root
A velvety brew of organic cocoa, chaga mushroom and organic maca root with zesty cinnamon, ginger and cayenne pepper.

Superlatte is blended small batch to ensure freshness and protect ingredient integrity. All products have a one year shelf life.

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